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I know the numbers I am posting today will look especially suspicious to those who have accused me of manipulating my model for the sake of increasing Bernie’s projected vote share. For this reason, I will also be sharing a screenshot of the model fit to previous results to demonstrate that even after correcting for many different factors, even when the model has adjusted to fit last Tuesday’s results, it is still projecting Bernie wins on Tuesday.

There remains one lurking question in my mind, however, and that is the question of how Arizonan Hispanics will vote; and if they are inherently more likely to vote for one candidate over the other. BenchmarkPolitics believes that Hispanics are far more predisposed to voting for Clinton over Sanders, but as much as I have tried to prove this within all of my own data, I just cannot get this result. Clinton has…

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Depression is a Capricious Creature

A worthy, courageous post from a fellow local to the Colorado Springs area.


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.02.43 AM

As I’m sitting here writing these very words, I am realizing how much a post like this has been a long time coming. I really mean it when I say along time. 18 years. Is 18 years a long time? Yeah, I guess. There is no doubt that it’s been 18 years because a very vivid memory still exists within my mind of when I was just a 10 year old kid who tried to kill himself.

My memory is fuzzy behind the actual momentum I had with wanting to kill myself so, naturally, I question how hard I really tried or how serious I was actually being. Was I just a melodramatic child? I just remember deciding that I would go in my mom’s bathroom and take as many pills as I could from whatever bottle that was easily accessible. At 10 years old, labels on the…

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Homelessness in Colorado Springs and Genuine Solutions

In a survey conducted about a year ago (click here for the article), it was estimated that there are around 1200 people living on the street in the downtown area. Of these, an conscience-shocking 269 people were going without shelter of any kind, and this was in late January.

Homelessness and Mental Illness

According to a 2013 Fox News report, the overall number around that time was similar to one year ago, 241 were deemed to be “severely mentally ill.” This means many of the people on the street may be simply incapable of functioning normally. Many people who suffer from symptoms will hear voices (often persecuting voices shouting at them internally), or see things, have “intrusive thoughts” (thoughts about doing or saying something that rushes into one’s mind without apparent rhyme or reason), etc. Take a moment to imagine a single afternoon in that state, then think how this goes on for day after day after day for many of our unfortunate homeless.

It is worth noting that contemporary homelessness as we know it today simply did not exist in any significant way until the 1980’s (for details, click here). This, along with the policy steps one could take in order to solve the issue need to be the basic terms of every conversation we have as a community about this issue. Very unfortunately, the approach my our city seems to be a heavy-handed, legalistic approach. Rather than address the causes, the approach by the city is merely to criminalize the outward manifestations of homelessness. Click here for a Gazette article on this issue.

The annual count of homeless people for the year 2016 is happening right now (see video below for news coverage). Perhaps rather than accepting whatever number is finally revealed, we need to think long and hard about what we can do tangibly, sensibly and compassionately to address the issue without simply pretending homelessness is a moral failing.

For anyone trying to learn more, you may want to visit the Facebook page of a local group dedicated to real solutions. Click here for that page.

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5 Tools To Measure Your Influence Across Social Media

The Life of a Working Girl


Social media is incredibly powerful, especially when you have a great set of tools to help you along the way! You can connect with people who are on opposite ends of the world, engage with industry leaders and create your very own online footprint.

One of the many things that is difficult to measure, is your own influence. Being able to see your reach, clicks and retweets is a great start, but how much weight does your opinion hold within your online community? Knowing this is a great way of measuring your progress & can help you to make those all important improvements so that you attract the right people.

Here are a list of great tools to help you measure your influence across social media.

1. Klout


Klout is an amazing multi-functional platform that allows you to connect profiles from numerous social media sites. Connect your Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…

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Episode 5: How did we become the Evangelical Vatican — And are we Still?

The Little London Show


Don’t worry, this isn’t just another religious conversation. As matter of fact, we’d like to change the conversation a bit . . .

It is hard to admit, but Colorado Springs carried a very specific reputation for a number of years: We were the “Evangelical Vatican” or “Christian Mecca.” We were labeled a place of hate when Amendment 2 was written, introduced and passed and as (some) people unified to get Creationism taught in public schools. The rhetoric during the early 90s was sometimes harsh, sometimes embarrassing, and often one-sided as the city filled with churches, para-church ministries and religious organizations and the national media brought attention mainly to human fallibility in what appeared to outsiders (and some insiders) as a reality-TV-esque drama-filled conservative evangelical cityscape.

The history of how we got there, especially the decisions that were made at the government level to encourage the influx of Christian-based organizations…

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