My fave small press bookstore in Colorado Springs

Everyone ought to have a place in their lives that they feel genuinely draws them in. To borrow from the cultural cliche side, it’s the proverbial place “where everyone knows your name.” Of course, something usually becomes cliche precisely because it is such a common experience that it solidifies, and wheedles its way into our cultural consciousness and lexicon.

Hey, Look At That Pour Over. Open today until 3, come try our Guatemala coffee! #pourover #coffee #coloradosprings #poem

A photo posted by Mountain Fold Books & Coffee (@mountainfoldbooks) on Sep 9, 2015 at 10:50am PDT

That said, I cannot get away from this place (website: No joke, every time I go there, I feel the great vibe, the energy of being around others who are engaged with the arts, literature, and in their own lives generally. On the practical level, as a web designer, I really need a place to meet with clients, and the latter are downright enthusiastic about meeting at a place where the right vibe (again, the cliche caveat applies!).


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