Episode 5: How did we become the Evangelical Vatican — And are we Still?

The Little London Show


Don’t worry, this isn’t just another religious conversation. As matter of fact, we’d like to change the conversation a bit . . .

It is hard to admit, but Colorado Springs carried a very specific reputation for a number of years: We were the “Evangelical Vatican” or “Christian Mecca.” We were labeled a place of hate when Amendment 2 was written, introduced and passed and as (some) people unified to get Creationism taught in public schools. The rhetoric during the early 90s was sometimes harsh, sometimes embarrassing, and often one-sided as the city filled with churches, para-church ministries and religious organizations and the national media brought attention mainly to human fallibility in what appeared to outsiders (and some insiders) as a reality-TV-esque drama-filled conservative evangelical cityscape.

The history of how we got there, especially the decisions that were made at the government level to encourage the influx of Christian-based organizations…

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