No Indictment

Some great writing on a crucially important subject.


It’s Monday, November Twenty-Fourth. The time is eight-fifteen P.M. Central Standard Time. I’m at home. I’m nervously gripping the arm of my favorite chair. My wife, who happens to be white, is on the couch next to me. This is the moment that we’ve both been anticipating, and dreading, and agonizing over. She pulls up a live video feed of the presser on CNN’s website. We’re huddled together, watching on her small iPhone screen. Saint Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, Robert McCullough walks out in front of the cameras and takes his place at the lectern. He begins to speak. He drones on and on, rehashing the “facts” of the case, seemingly justifying the announcement to come; bad-mouthing the unarmed victim, Michael Brown, as well as some witnesses, and the members of Brown’s community as a whole; even lecturing us all on the evils of social media. He talks about everything

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