Banner Year for Colorado Main Street

Downtown Colorado Inc.


In 2014, the Colorado Main Street program and the communities participating in the program had a remarkable year.  Below are the numbers which illustrate the hard work and dedication from the Colorado Main Street communities.

  • 139 direct, net, full-time jobs and 70 direct, net, part-time jobs were created.  This is a 54% increase in net full-time jobsand a 27% increase for part-time jobs the previous year.
  • 48 net, new businesses 
  • Additionally Main Street communities created $6.9 million in public investment and $30.1 in private investment.  Which equates to a 1:4.45 ratio or for every $1 of public funds invested, this is a $4.52 return from the private sector.  Also important to highlight is that 86% of the public investment is coming from Candidate communities and 93% of the private investment is coming from Designated and Graduate communities. This is an indicator that investing public funds early in the…

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