How Natural Foods Become Drugs and Save Lives

Forever Young & Healthy

fruis and veggies

Researchers are discovering that when we eat fruits, vegetables, and other natural food, we stimulate the body into running more efficiently on fuel (sugar). The health problem that is tackled is called insulin resistance, and it’s relation to food is like having a dirty carburetor and fuel filter.

Eating natural foods stimulate a receptor in the body called  PPARgamma and stimulating these receptors wakes up the cells and opens the passageways for sugar to enter the cell. When sugar is inside the cell, instead of outside, the cells thrive, divide, and perform their vital functions. Sugar outside the cell is death and destruction.

Cookies, cakes, pasta, rice etc…do not stimulate these receptors. And as we age we naturally have a harder time stimulating these receptors. Insulin resistance is a slow death. It’s the beginning of the end and this is why this research is so epic.

These researchers are working…

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