Getting Back on the Mat

A really nice argument for doing some yoga!

The -is- of it

It’s been a while since I’ve really committed to my yoga practice. Over the past couple of months, I’ve gone to donation classes here and there, and I’m okay once I’m there, but the amount of coaxing and effort that it takes for me to actually get there is kind of ridiculous. The classes that I’m available to go to are at the end of the day, and after a full day of work, I really find it difficult to go home, put on my workout clothes, get back in the car, and bare my soul in front of 10 other people.

This is especially difficult for me because I’m starting yoga as a beginner again. I’m not embarrassed at my physical ability, because I’m actually very flexible and, um, we’ll say decently strong (I’m not strong). But that’s not what yoga is about for me. It’s more about the mind-body connection…

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