The Underground Railroad: Defecting from a cult

Eleanor Skelton is such a strong writer. I really enjoy reading her stuff 🙂

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Eleanor Skelton blogs at, is the news editor of the UCCS student newspaper, and is majoring in English and Chemistry. The following was originally published on Eleanor’s blog on March 8, 2015, and is reprinted with permission. 

Source:  Wil C. Fry, creative commons use.  Image links to source. Source: Wil C. Fry, creative commons license. Image links to source.

Liz helped our network assist Racquel and Ashley. Here is her perspective.

Nearly two years ago, I received text messages from Eleanor about a friendship between two girls that had been recently forbidden by their religious leader.

I was asked to attempt to sneak a cheap TracFone to one of the girls at her school because I would not be recognizable to her parents, who had confiscated all her means of communication. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in class that day.

Eventually, they acquired their freedom by leaving their church behind and living with friends.

Most people assume their own community has only…

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