Abolish the Death Penalty

Yes. Abolish it today.

Rcooley123's Blog

The time is long past due for the United States to abolish the death penalty. Currently, 32 states, the Federal Government and US Military make provision for sentencing those guilty of certain crimes to death. This number has been slowly falling in recent years. Despite increased calls for ending the practice and the increased difficulty in carrying out the executions in an acceptable “humane” manner, the number of people on death row and the number of executions being carried out maintain the US among the countries with the highest rates of execution in the world.

Arguments in favor of maintaining the death penalty include deterrence for others to commit the same sorts of crime as those subject to the death penalty. While the perpetrator of such a crime as murder, which is often a capital offense, obviously cannot murder anyone else if they are put to death, there is no…

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