An excerpt from ‘The Soul Detective’

Nice dialogue. From a local writer.

scott j kaniewski

I self-published my debut novel “The Soul Detective” earlier this year. It’s available online on multiple platforms. Sample downloads are also available to get a better feel for the novel.

To purchase or read a larger excerpt go to:

Amazon or Smashwords

Hope you enjoy.

We cruised down into Styx, the road curving back inland a ways before finally making its way through the city toward the river.  More shanties had been erected on the outskirts since the last time I’d been here.  Of course, every time I came to Styx there were more buildings and more shanties.

I drove the Floater up the main drag, catching the envious eye of more than one hopeless Soul.  With the light of Hell beginning to fade to a dull red, the yellow on the Floater gleamed.  It was a beacon of hate for so many who had nothing.  I picked up the…

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