Portrait of a Kleptocrat

Raging Bull-shit

Whatever you might read in the news these days, it’s not all doom and gloom in Spain. For a certain segment of the population, albeit quite a small one, life has never been better. Prominent among its ranks is seasoned politician and bank stooge Rodrigo Rato, who many in Spain blame for the biggest bankruptcy in Spanish history.

In a normal world one might expect to see Rato struggle a little to find new, gainful employment. After all, he has left a vast trail of carnage and destruction after virtually every office he has held. What’s more, he still faces the prospect, albeit razor slim, of criminal charges for his “alleged” (just in case!) role in the violent implosion of Bankia, which happened just months after his resignation as CEO.

As such, one could be forgiven for thinking that the revolving doors that have shuttled Rato between the upper echelons…

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