House Painters in Colorado Springs

12033085_1492373364420179_1616158601905009612_nI genuinely enjoy working with the clients I do. I like trying to figure out ways to help them grow their presence online. I try to encourage all of them to blog, as the data (we present some of said data on the home page of the Local Reach Mktg website)are fairly clear that doing so generates far more leads for small businesses than would normally be generated via traditional means.

By way of acknowledging some hard work, and as a way of giving a heads up to a local, Colorado Springs-based business, and even to get a sense of what a blog for a small, locally-based company looks like, check out their most recent blog. I really appreciate Heritage Painting, and it is a pleasure working with them. Their testimonials speak volumes!

More to come.


Super Delegates Will Write History by Nominating Sanders in Philadelphia 

Political Reads

Edited by Samantha Best

The brainchild of the 1968 Democratic Convention may finally show its brilliance in 2016, when the unbound Democratic superdelegates upend pledged delegates and popular vote and choose their party’s nominee, thus holding the final firewall they were originated for.

Superdelegates were never intended to have a majority status. In reality, they only make up about 15% of the delegates available. And more often than not, their opinion isn’t relevant to the nomination. However, the purpose of the minority power is not to elect a candidate. Rather, they were designed to prevent a loss in a general election, a proverbial safety valve to circumvent an obviously weak candidate.

This is the superdelegate’s role in the Democratic nomination process: they are independent judges that only emerge in marginal contests. Their function is to secure a nomination based upon available data and a completed primary map. Their sole task…

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Bernie or bust pledge is a declaration of war on Democratic Party establishment

Revolt Against Plutocracy

DNCThe DNC and the Democratic Party establishment have the rules of the primary season rigged against Bernie Sanders. From the debate schedule to the temporary blocking of access to the voter database to the use of establishment-oriented super delegates not even the Republicans use, they are in a civil war against insurgent revolutionary Senator Sanders. In response, Revolt Against Plutocracy declares war on the DNC and party establishment. A plutocracy is a country or society controlled by the wealthy few.

Chris Cillizza is the author of “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. Reviewing the last Democratic Party debate before the primary season begins, he noted that “the Republican National Committee’s attempts to influence the debate calendar…pales in comparison to the travesty the Democratic National Committee has made of its own debates.”

Senator Sanders’ endorsements from and DFA and his current lead in the polls in IA and NH…

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